The Iron Dawn

Interlude 1: Shaken to the Very Core

The hard clicking of boots struck on the echoing metal floor. Throughout the shattered facility, the sounds of sparks and shifting metal reverberated. The figure stopped momentarily, looking at one of the battle droids. It was still glowing from searing heat. He leaned in to examine it. Lightsaber burns.

A Jedi had been here. Looking up, he saw the wreckage all around him. Junk planet though Raxus Prime was, this ruin added to the flavor.

He stood as he heard footsteps quickly approaching behind him. He didn’t turn as the two battle droids stopped a few feet away.

"Sir,“ one of the droids said, ”the ship transporting those who did this has jumped into hyperspace. We are unable to track it.“

He smiled slightly under his black hood. ”Very well,“ he said, turning to the two droids. ”The mercenaries who tore this place to the ground made short work of it. The information that droid carries will lead them one place, and one place only. I know where they are going.“ He walked past the two droids, pale skin and red eyes full of hatred.

”Prepare my ship for my arrival."



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