The Iron Dawn

Interlude 2: Information

“Who were they?!” the cloaked figure asked, holding the alien’s head up. Tel Murron was tied hand and foot, leaned against a piece of scrap metal.

“I… I don’t know.” He sighed heavily, trying to get a breath. After what this hooded man had done to him, he could barely breathe. "I’ve told you everything. A jedi and her companions came here, attacked me, then moved on, leaving me tied up like this."

“Companions? What kind of companions?” the sinister man asked, his red eyes flaring.

“Companions, I don’t know.” Tel paused. "There was another… I don’t think he was a Jedi, but he had
powers. He was… blind, I believe, but it didn’t stop him from conjuring powers."

“A Miralukan…” the shadow said.

“Also, a Dug, and a human with a blaster.” Tel dropped his head. "That’s all I know.“

The man pulled back his hood, revealing the great scar across his face. His eyes echoed the fury in his soul. ”If that is all you know, that is all you are useful for." The snap-hiss of the red lightsaber ignited, raising up, then coming down swiftly.

And back in his quarters in the Iron Dawn, Kami’atra gasped at the sudden loss of… something, no someone to whom he had given his word to return for – the bounty hunter of Raxus Prime.

"So much loss… all is lost in the end; but I should have done more, and I never even knew that hunter’s name…"



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