Ima' Eliana

Kami'atra's Adopted Younger Sister: Eliana


Ima’ Eliana, was adopted by Kami’atra’s family at a very young age when the transport carrying her Zeltron parents mistakenly entered Alpheridies’ atmosphere and made an emergency landing in the valley of Mas’ada. Her father was taken by a dark force within the forests thereof, but her mother, then pregnant with her one and only daughter, managed to escape down the mountain and into the village. Due to the extreme stress of landing on this dark world and having to rush away from an ‘invisible’ assailant, her mother was forced into labor as she was reaching the village… Regrettably, she passed away during the birthing of her daughter, but she was able to see and hold the neonate before her life was taken – in very usual Zeltron style, the woman died with an immensely happy smile upon her face; perhaps it was the mother’s dying pheromones, but whatever the cause, Avi’ Menachem could not resist taking this child as his own.

Ima’ Eliana was born as a very usual Zeltron female, a beautiful child with crimson hair and pale pink skin; however, the differing radiation of Alpheridies soon made it impossible for her to keep these traits as her hair turned white and the pink of her skin settled into a ‘more normal’ healthy-glow. Even then, as a child she pursued the pleasures that were bred into her – good food, good company, simply living the ‘good’ life; however, when Avi’ Menachem adopted the little girl into his family, he took upon himself and his wife, Ima’ Chaya, the responsibility of rearing this ‘wayward’ child in propriety and the ways of the Mas’ada priestly houses. It proved very difficult, but with the assistance of her new older brother, who became protectively devoted to her, and the loving care of the family at large, Ima’ Eliana soon became the beautifully passionate and pious woman she is to this day – a teacher and caretaker of the monastic children of Mas’ada.

Ima' Eliana

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