Miraluka Force Adept


Kami’atra: Male Miraluka Force Adept 7; Init 3 (1 Dex); Defense 17 (6 class, 1 Dex); Spd 10 m; VP/WP 58/12; Atk +6 melee (2d62/19-20, Kami’ken) or 6 melee (1d43/20 and/or DC 18 stun, Personalized Stun Gauntlets); SQ Force Sight, Comprehend speech, Force weapon 1d8; SV Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +8; SZ M; FP 7; Rep 1; Str 12, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 12, Challenge Code D. Skills: Knowledge (The Way)12, Treat Injury+13. Force Skills: Farseeing+15, Force Defense+11, Force Strike+7, Heal Another+16, Heal Self+11, Illusion+6, Move Object+12. Feats: Alter, Blind-Fight, Control, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Kami’ken), Force Sensitive, Force Shield, Force Whirlwind, Link, Sense, Weapon Group Proficiency (simple weapons). Force Feats: Alter, Control, Force Sensitive, Force Shield, Force Whirlwind, Link, Martial Arts, Sense, Skill Emphasis (Heal Another). Equipment: Kami’ken – Continuously force-imbued scimitar forged by the priesthood of the Mas’ada Tribe of Alpheridies for exclusive use of the Kami-no-Te. Damage: 2d6+1. / Personalized Stun Gauntlets – Stun DC 18. Damage: 2+1. / An aged leather satchel housing: The sacred family text of The Way, A Mastercrafted Datapad2] (Alien A&P and Alien Species/Cultural datacards), Medkit, FastFlesh Medpac (4 T.I.) x10, MDS-50 (+1 T.I. to treat disease and poison).


Name: Kami’atra Age: 25 Species: Miraluka Gender: Male
Hair: Black Eyes: Empty Sockets Skin: Light

Character Background Journal:
Having been raised among the priesthood of my order and tribe was certainly a life unto itself. Each constituent brother or sister is raised in physical isolation from the family that birthed them; each is encouraged and prompted to send correspondence regularly and receive responses in turn from family members that have never truly been met. My existence was, in this degree, no different from any other sectary of the House of Ra’ah…

I was born as Ahturosh Laga’an in the secluded village of Mas’ada which was constructed at the entrance of an enclosed fertile valley surrounding a crater lake known only locally as the Ram Pool. Upon birth, I, among the other children of the village, was brought to be dedicated in the waters of this sacred pool; here it was said that the child’s destiny in the force would be foretold depending on the flow of water around the neonate and the interpretation thereof by the members of the High Priesthood. It was here that it was determined I should be adopted into one of houses of the Priestly caste, the House of Ra’ah – the healers, teachers, prophets, and religious leaders of the tribe.

Within this house, my “brothers and sisters” and I were raised (discipled) by Avi’ Joachim, a specialist in the healing arts and prophetic vision. It was Avi’ Joachim that first indoctrinated us of his house into the ways of the Force, and although I would eventually begin correspondence with my birth-family, it was he that I looked to as a fatherly role model in my early life.

Our indoctrination process occurred during the first twelve years of our life and consisted of basic education alongside the “basic” dogma of the Force, the philosophy of its principles, and proper discipline of its use. With the first decade of indoctrination complete, the sectaries were allowed to graduate on to specialized education and training in a field determined as best for the individual’s future role in the society of the tribe. Upon this day of graduation, a datapad full of letters would be received from the graduate’s birth-family to assist in the beginning of the transitional process… Only later would I come to fully comprehend the rationale for this communal tradition – That each individual would come to perceive the tribe as one large familial unit rather than finding association among the few.

With the inception of these letters, I had now become aware of exactly who my father was (Avi’ Menachem, a leading member of the High Priesthood and one of the founding brothers of the Kami-no-Te, the guardian-priests of the tribe and its ideological principles), that my mother was actually one of my instructors within the House of Ra’ah (Ima’ Chaya, teacher of basic education and Force philosophy), and that I had two siblings of differing houses (Dinema, my younger brother of the House of Geber, and Eliana, my younger, adopted, Zeltron sister of the House of Emunah.).


{ For now, we will bypass the transitional years… Sorry for the rough transition, there may be story to fill-in whilst our gameplay continues to progress. The text below is that which prevalently leads into Kate’s introduction of Kami’atra and Irulan. }

In order to escape certain circumstances within and surrounding Mas’ada, I, now given the guardian priest’s name of Kami’atra, was granted allowance to leave the village in search of greater truth and wisdom (or so it would be documented in the annuls of tribal history). My opportunity arose when a Givin ambassador vessel was foreseen by the Priesthood to make an emergency landing in the forests near Mas’ada; when the vessel was subsequently successfully rescued prior to entering our atmosphere, the Givin ambassadors were extremely grateful and in awe of the oracle that gave rise to their foreseen deliverance from spacial peril. In gratitude, it was offered that I may sail with their company for the time of their galactic tour; which, due to their over-calculative and perfectionistic nature, would last for several years while they charted courses to and from much of known space.

I traveled with the Givin for several years, as I said, though I was not always allowed to disembark with their legatine envoys – this, however, allowed me the time to acquaint myself with not only the Givin culture, but also their immense database of Alien Anthropologies including much of anatomical and physiological studies of each given species. Also, as a member of the vessel’s complement oft left to my own devices, I was able to uncover a most unlikely anthropologist among the crew – as he had been unknowingly studying me as well, it seems that it would be a fit that would grow into a relationship of deep respect and friendship.

It was aboard this Givin vessel that I uncovered the identity of one Dr. Mammon Hoole as he was taking the form of a Givin service-hand. His true identity, though he tried very hard to deny it, was only uncovered when, one day, his concentration lapsed near me and the reality of his Shi’ido origins was revealed to my ‘sight.’ After this revelation, he became even more attached to and intrigued by me, and I with him. Hoole, being many years my senior, had immense faculties of knowledge in the arena that I myself hope and wholly desired to draw from, and after much persuasion and gratitude, I was allowed his mentorship (in at least the time that he remained upon the vessel, which would prove to be the space of two years).

He taught me much during our time together, though he remained in Givin form much of the time to defend his identity among the crew and I had my own duties to attend; though he revealed his true nature during our times of solo instruction and we came to know each other very well over the years. When Mammon informed me that he was ‘requested’ to alight himself from the vessel at Coruscant by members high within the Republican senate, it was therein made known to me that we must part ways… I was crushed, though I could not show it he seemed to know and offered me his undying friendship and counsel should I ever have a need or find myself near the Deep Core.

Reluctantly, yet knowingly, I parted the good doctor’s company and bid the Givin ambassadors a grateful and honorific farewell as I departed their vessel upon the urbanity of Coruscant. Once there, I made my way slowly toward the Jedi Temple and sat upon the foundation of its many, many steps to await a new vision… One that would seem to shape the rest of my life herein and ultimately my mindset regarding eternity…


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