The Iron Dawn


Rendili StarDrive Exodus Class Heavy Courier CL 14
Colossal space transport
Init 8; Senses Perception +0
Defenses Ref 17 (flat-footed 14), Fort 32; +14 armor
hp 195; DR 15; SR 45; Threshold 82
Speed 14 squares (max. velocity 950km/h), 4 squares (starship scale)
Ranged 2 double laser cannons +3 (see below)
2 Point Defense double Blaster Cannons +3 (see below)*
1 Dorsal Double Blaster cannon +3 (see below)
Fighting Space 22×34 or 1 (starship scale); Cover Total
Base Atk +0; Grp +42
Atk Options autofire (2 double laser cannons)
Abilities Str 55, Dex 16, Con -
, Int 16
Skills Initiative -8, Mechanics +0, Perception +5**, Pilot -8, Use Computer +5**
Crew 7; Passengers 10
Cargo 5 tons; Consumables 2 months; Carried Craft none Hyperdrive 2 (backup x10); Using NavComputer
Availability Restricted; Cost 242,500 (130,000 used)
*This weapon takes no penalty for attacking targets of smaller than Colossal size.

  • Sensor Enhancement Package
    2 double laser cannons (gunners)
    Atk +3 (-2 autofire); Dmg 6d10x2
    2 Point Defense double Blaster Cannons (copilot)
    Atk +3; Dmg 5d10x2, Point Defense
    1 Dorsal Double Blaster cannon (tactical)
    Atk +3; Dmg 5d10x2

Exodus Class – Heavy Courier
The Exodus Class – Heavy Courier was designed and built by Rendili StarDrive just prior to the out brake of the Clone Wars. It was conceived after the tensions of the Stark Hyperspace War, but not put into production until after the Blockade of Naboo. With Rendili’s system of small yards spread through out the Mid and Outer Rim they saw the opportunity to make a small blockade runner for many of it’s neighbors, and fill a gap in the model line, a small fast courier. Rendili knew the Trade Federation would likely pull the same type of tactics it did at Naboo again and Rendili wanted a ship to counter such a maneuver.
The Exodus class was built standard with top of the line shields, an enhanced sensor array, strong armor and hull to survive a punch through an embargo then making a run for it. Its armament load out gave it sufficient strength to blast its way through. It contained 2 point-defense blaster cannon mounts, 2 laser cannons, and a dorsal turret. While most of the guns were in a forward position to support head-on rushes through enemy lines. The turret dorsal mounted gun allowed for rear coverage to fend of pursuing fighter craft. While dedicated gunner positions were optimal, all weapons could be controlled from the command deck if a full crew complement was not available.

The Exodus class has as optimal performance with a crew of seven. While there are five command stations, on the command deck; captain, pilot, co-pilot, engineering, and tactical, optimal performance includes two gunners in stations outside the command deck. Weapon control can be routed through any of the various command stations, while technically any station can fire any gun, if there are no dedicated gunners on board, generally the co-pilot station can operate the forward point defense guns, the tactical position controls the turrets, and engineering the dorsal gun. In many cases dedicated gunners are employed, but if unavailable the ship is designed for astromechs to be able to handle some of the duties to free up crew for gunner duty. The Ship typically comes equipped with a single R-type astromech, but has storage and recharge berths for up to 2 more. The Exodus class has room for 10 passengers, be they gunners, or diplomats. The ships boasts enough escape pod capacity, for more than it’s 18 bunks.

Due to the ships rugged support framework, it had some areas almost ready made for smuggling compartments. Over the years many ships were modified and ended up being used not just for contraband, but in ferrying political dissidents across interplanetary borders, or hiding rebel agents. In many cases the hidden compartment contained a floor hatch that can vent the compartment into space or provide a secret exit from the ship during a boarding action. In some cases larger compartments hold lockers, and many were outfitted with EVA suits in case of emergencies.
Access or egress to the ship is primarily through an amidships ramp however it carries a docking hatch on the top of the ship, and several cargo doors line the holds, on the sides and ventral surface. The floor lifts in the cargo bay have no mechanical supports; instead they have built in repulsors allowing it to descend to the ground.

The Iron Dawn

The Iron Dawn MarkMeredith